Recorded during rehearsal of a piece ‘Kiss’ by Richard Orton, devised by John Richards as a celebration of pioneers of British electronic music. Transcribed and conducted by Wei Wei Jing with the #DirtyElectronics ensemble on clickers (a Hugh Davies found instrument) and kissing, Jim Frize on cassette-tape delay and spring reverb, and me on iPad (using #samplr and #robovox) processed thru a cardboard box ring modulator.

There are several air vents in the apartment that have begun making strange drones. So up a step-ladder I go with my iPad, and start playing with them while trying out some different app combinations.

Excerpts from a jam/improvisation with @dushume
2 iPads + xylophone, tympani, tubular bells.


sound studies cont…

  jam for 2 iPads, youtube, a thunderbox and @sally_sound

An Amsterdam Christmas soundwalk
(apologies for the windburn)

mobile sound studies continued…
performed live on platform 15a, Amsterdam Centraal 15/12/13

Test clip for a new discrete machines project…

Please do not take luggage onto the escalator

field recording

Live recordings, walking about with an iPad

off - the sound of memory mix

Was about to mail some recordings to EB when, quite by accident, the tumblr post and the SoundCloud link began playing on top of themselves. Suddenly, what were documents of an improvisation began to sound (to my ears) like composed music. Too long to act as a delay, the memory of a snatch of melody, a noise, or a sound drifts in and out and starts to form a rhythm. Improvisors usually don’t like recording sessions, its attraction is its momentary existence. For example, Derek Bailey; “… I think think an improvisation should be played… and then completely forgotten.” Once recorded, they are forever fixed, to be learnt and remembered.

These posts on tumblr are exactly that, they serve really as a diary (what with my own failing memory) or for other participating musicians to listen back to. But some times they seem to come up with their own ideas.

wisniewski & jones basement sessions, Paris - continued

Recorded live on the Bakerloo line…