Real-time soundwalk with iPad and GoPro.

From a series of experiments during the summer, trying to understand how we experience urban spaces and construct meanings using sound.

Discrete Machines at Bradford Festival 14/06/14 

Guerilla iPad improvisation…

mobile instrument: android recordings_Ile de Re

Sound study: the mobile instrument pt. 2

Continuing the series of sound studies while moving. Again, recorded while cycling across the marais but working with Android apps this time. A very different playing experience - the smaller screen means less control using touch and more use of sensors like the accelerometer - and a very different soundscape. Pr’aps you can hear the sound of Pure Data?

Apps used were several of the SmartFaust series developed by GRAME; sfGrain, sfCapture & sfHell, and RoadMusic by Pete Sinclair; Chaosmos & Inside Zeno’s Arrow.

Ile-de-Ré 2014

SoundCloud steve_jones android smartfaust roadmusic ile de ré marais

Sound study: the mobile instrument

Music improvisation while moving through space.

Riding a bike across the marais on the Ile-de-Ré, playing an iPad using its inbuilt mic to capture and filter the passing environment, the sounds of wind, the bike, road surface and the wildlife.

Not very sophisticated - the bike’s got no gears, everything’s stuffed into a basket, and filming with a phone strapped to the front - but it’s an immersive experience, a sense of playing a mobile instrument.

This is in response to Jean-Marie Delaville’s “Une demi-heure”, an installation with photos and a vinyl recording of a bicycle ride in the countryside.

Ile-de-Ré 2014

sound study iPad improvisation bike audiobus turnado samvada twrecorder attractor

MUST1008: creating with technology. Examples of mobile music from music, technology and performance (MTP) students at De Montfort University, Leicester. 27-28/03/14