Waiting to see La Joconde (aka Mona Lisa)

A one take improvisation with the sound of the room.

Image remix using YouTube’s facial blurring algorithm.

ipad gopro la joconde


I sometimes use the computer as a camera on the sounds of the world and the sounds of the world then colour the music.”
Paul Lansky on making his piece ‘Night Traffic’ (1990)

Paul Lansky made recordings of passing cars and processed them with a computer in his studio, using the chaos of the sounds – noise and Doppler-shift elements – as a filter through which to hear melodies and harmonies. With the sound of the cars as an excitation source, “…the cars become the music”.

Borrowing from Lansky, my research involves making a series of sound studies using an iPad to attempt to capture the sounds of a space, which then colour and make new sounds (music?). The difference being it’s made with a single, hand-held device; the chaos of the sounds are manipulated in real-time, allowing melodies and harmonies to augment and overlap with the real world.

(Source: youtube.com)

ipad GoPro trafic

Real-time soundwalk with iPad and GoPro.

From a series of experiments during the summer, trying to understand how we experience urban spaces and construct meanings using sound.

Discrete Machines at Bradford Festival 14/06/14 

Guerilla iPad improvisation…

mobile instrument: android recordings_Ile de Re

Sound study: the mobile instrument pt. 2

Continuing the series of sound studies while moving. Again, recorded while cycling across the marais but working with Android apps this time. A very different playing experience - the smaller screen means less control using touch and more use of sensors like the accelerometer - and a very different soundscape. Pr’aps you can hear the sound of Pure Data?

Apps used were several of the SmartFaust series developed by GRAME; sfGrain, sfCapture & sfHell, and RoadMusic by Pete Sinclair; Chaosmos & Inside Zeno’s Arrow.

Ile-de-Ré 2014

SoundCloud steve_jones android smartfaust roadmusic ile de ré marais

Sound study: the mobile instrument

Music improvisation while moving through space.

Riding a bike across the marais on the Ile-de-Ré, playing an iPad using its inbuilt mic to capture and filter the passing environment, the sounds of wind, the bike, road surface and the wildlife.

Not very sophisticated - the bike’s got no gears, everything’s stuffed into a basket, and filming with a phone strapped to the front - but it’s an immersive experience, a sense of playing a mobile instrument.

This is in response to Jean-Marie Delaville’s “Une demi-heure”, an installation with photos and a vinyl recording of a bicycle ride in the countryside.

Ile-de-Ré 2014

sound study iPad improvisation bike audiobus turnado samvada twrecorder attractor